Can anybody race?
Yes, there are classes for all ages and skill levels

How much does it cost?
Gate fee: $15 (under 4 is free)
Entry fee: $35 per class for the first two classes then $20 for each additional class (per rider).
Membership fee: $25

How do I sign up to race?
Sign up will be available at the track.
Look at the “upcoming events” or Facebook page for event details as some details may vary.
Saturday 6:45am – 8:45am
Saturday 11:00am – 1:00Pm (On schedule A days)
Saturday 12:00pm – 2:00pm (On schedule B days)

Do I need a membership?
All riders are required to have a MMX membership.  Memberships are $25 for the year.

How do I get a MMX membership?
Forms will be available for download. Also, memberships can purchased at the track during posted sign-up hours.

How many times do I race?
Everybody will have a few laps in practice before racing begins.  After that, each class will run 2 motos.  Depending which schedule is being ran, the day will be split into 2 halves (if it is schedule A or B).  The youth classes will race a separate portion of the day.  It will run through the first half, and then repeat the schedule before moving on to the second portion of the day. If it is schedule C, it will be a more conventional race day were all classes race together throughout the day.

When can we show up?
In most cases, gates will open Friday evening for early arrivals for people who want to park over night.  You will want to know which schedule is being ran (A or B) so you know if you are racing in the morning or afternoon. Click upcoming events to see when the gates open and which schedule is being run for this race.

When should I show up?
Depending on whether we are running schedule A or B, you will want to be at the track in time to sign up and be ready to ride by 9:00am, 1:00pm, or 2:00pm.  We would recommend you get there at least an hour before the slotted practice time to make sure you’re able to park, unload, sign up, and get ready for practice.  Schedule A races the youth classes during the first portion of the day, Schedule B races the youth classes during the second portion of the day.

What is the race order?
Either “Schedule A”  “Schedule B” or “Schedule C”  will be the race order for the day.  It will be posted prior to each event which race order will be run during that day.  This info will be available on up coming events.

How do I know what classes to sign up for?
Classes are broken up by bike size, age, and/or skill levels (Expert is A, Amateur is B, Novice is C).  The classes are structured for riders to be eligible for two classes.  The list of classes includes the bike and age requirements.

What size bike would this be considered?
A KLX 110, CRF 110, and XR 70 would race with the 65s.
XR 80s, XR100s, KLX 125s, and DRZ 125s would race with the 85s.

Is there a championship?
Yes.  Championships are scored on accumulating points throughout the eight scheduled events.  Championship awards will be for racers who have competed in 70% of the series.